Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare Greets Carol S. Paton, RN, as an Accomplished Nurse Practitioner

Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare and the International Nurses Association are honored to announce that Carol S. Paton, RN, is being recognized for her noteworthy successes and achievements in the Ontario nursing community. With a venerable career of nearly forty years in the nursing sector, Carol has revealed continually that she possesses the passion, dedication, and enthusiasm for patient care necessary to be nominated as a Top Nurse in her field.

Carol is a seasoned registered nurse whose uniquely diversified experience encompasses healthcare management, emergency trauma care, palliative care, as well as rehabilitation nursing. A Primary Care RN with Crown Point Medical in Hamilton, Ontario, Carol is often acclaimed for her contributions in setting up a call center to manage after hours work within Ontario during her performance with Saint Elizabeth Health Care.

Endowed with a compassionate nature and great communication and listening skills, Carol embarked on the challenging road of becoming a nurse more than four decades ago. She subsequently obtained her degree in 1974 from Osler School of Nursing. Today, she continues to remain up-to-date in her nursing procedures and techniques through her membership with the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario.

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