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Topics to keep you up to date on all that the INA has to offer. With valuable information on scholarships, mentorship opportunities, clinical resources as well as advice and inspiration to continue to succeed in today’s tough economy.


4 Responses to NurseChat

  1. Hi, I’m a nurse from the Philippines how do I join the International Nurses Association? Thanks!

  2. Tehmura says:

    I have been nursing since 1981- when I graduated. I took some time of in 1984 and then went back to nursing. I have done various disciplines and i was one of those who went into nursing because of the self fulfillment of helping those in pain.There was little money in nursing then, but alot of respect and one felt authoritative and knowledgeable. It made me want more knowledge and to be the best nurse i can be. That all must sound naive and idealistic now, and is. I have grown and become more cynical, I hate to say. I am more Jaded, I guess. But every now and then I still get a spark of excitement and enthusiasm for more knowledge and desire to help any new nurses who are interested in these values. The money has gotten better since 1981- mostly due to a group of nurses from washington D.C.during a strike in 1979. it is to them we owe our thanks for the recognition we received as professionals worthy of decent salaries. Thank you for your attention. Tehmi M.

  3. Joey D Thelin says:

    hello everyone! I’m J. D. Thelin, RN, CLNC. This year, I completed my CLNC, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant certification through Vicki Milazzo Institute, online. I am putting together my website, and will open it soon. I can do 30 different services for attorneys throughout the world. I would love to hear from you regarding attorneys that you know, which do any kind of medical cases. I love to travel, and would love to chat with people from different places in my spare time. I just joined the INA today, and would love to hear your stories.

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