Outstanding Nurse Practitioner Heather Elan Mingo, NP, RN, PhDc, will be Noted in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare

Halifax, Nova Scotia

The International Nurses Association is pleased to welcome Heather Elan Mingo, NP, RN, PhDc, to their prestigious organization with her upcoming publication in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare. Heather Elan Mingo is a Nurse Practitioner with 17 years of experience in her field and an extensive expertise in all facets of nursing, especially blood management, hematology, and surgical nursing. She is currently serving patients within Nova Scotia Health Authority- Central Zone in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Heather gained her Nursing Diploma in 1983 from the Aberdeen School of Nursing in Nova Scotia. An advocate for continuing education, she gained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from North Carolina Central University, and her Master of Science Degree in Family Nurse Practitioner from D’Youville College in Buffalo, New York. She is currently a Doctor of Philosophy candidate in Nursing from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia.

Heather is recognized across Nova Scotia and beyond as an expert in blood management. She maintains a professional membership and active committee member with the American Association of Blood Banks and the Society for the Advancement of Blood Management, allowing her to stay current with the latest advances in her field. She attributes her success to her constant striving to do the best job possible, and to make a positive difference to the lives of her patients.

Learn more about Heather Elan Mingo here: http://inanurse.org/network/index.php?do=/4135640/info/ and be sure to read her upcoming publication in Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare.


About International Nurses Association
The International Nurses Association was founded on the idea that professional achievement is deserving of recognition, exposure and reward. As a meeting place for the top minds in nursing, INA offers unlimited opportunities to further your success and embrace your role as a vital member of the medical community. INA is the fastest growing network of nurses from around the globe and takes pride in delivering its members the platform and competitive edge needed to survive in this ever-changing and complex environment. Visit www.inanurse.com

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