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Nancy Barhite, RN, is the Director of Independent Living Health Services at Williamsburg Landing in Williamsburg, Virginia

Nancy Barhite, RN, is the Director of Independent Living Health Services at Williamsburg Landing, a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) located in Williamsburg, Virginia. In her current role, she oversees a medical practice and private duty home care and the independent living community. “We support Aging in Place and I work with a team to assist our residents to do this safely and with dignity”, says Nancy about her work at Williamsburg Landing. Nancy has been in nursing for 37 years and her experience includes medical-surgical nursing, renal dialysis, oncology, acute coronary care, progressive cardiac care, school nursing, home health care. “I have about 15 years of managerial experience including Charge Nurse, Home Health Manager and Director of Independent Living at a Continuing Care Retirement Community”, states Nancy about her background. Nancy additionally speaks locally on health and wellness, conducting monthly orientation lectures, dementia workshops, and independent living workshops. For more information about Nancy Barhite, RN, please visit

Williamsburg Landing has a rich history that goes back to the 1970s, when a group of visionary local residents recognized the need for a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Williamsburg, Virginia. In 1985, their hard work and dedication came to fruition as Williamsburg Landing opened its doors. The facility provides an environment of exceptional services and amenities that promotes active lifestyles and personal freedom. Since its inception, Williamsburg Landing has continued the vision of its founders, ever vigilant in identifying emerging needs and responding accordingly. As a result, this community has continued to grow and add new neighbours and living options, services and amenities. A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) allows its residents to maintain an active, independent lifestyle while providing a full continuum of healthcare on site. A CCRC provides care for a resident’s needs though all stages of life: independent living, home health care, assisted living, separate and secured memory care, rehabilitative services, skilled nursing care and long-term care, all on one campus. For more information about Nancy Barhite, RN, please visit

In 1977, Nancy Barhite, RN, received her RN diploma from Western Pennsylvania Hospital School of Nursing. A Certified Dementia Practitioner as well, Nancy has known she wanted to be a nurse since the age of 5. “It seems like I have just had a calling and this was my gift”, she adds. Viewing nursing as a ministry, enjoying positive patient rapport, and being proud to serve her patients have been key contributors to her success. Nancy is motivated at the start of each day by the fact that she knows that she could be of help to someone that day. “I begin by listening very carefully. I let them tell me everything they need to say and then we begin to deal with each concern”, says Nancy about the way she makes a difference in the lives of patients. When not working at Williamsburg Landing or honouring public speaking engagements, Nancy dedicates to crafting, gardening, anthropology, cooking, and reading mysteries. In recognition of her outstanding work in the nursing field, Nancy Barhite, RN, has been selected by the International Nurses Association (INA) to be featured in the premier publication of the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare. For more information about Nancy Barhite, RN, please visit


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