Promising Registered Nurse from Pennsylvania, Miranda Y. Cooper, Receives Publication in Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare

Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare and the International Nurses Association are proud to announce that Miranda Y. Cooper is being celebrated for her outstanding performance in as a student nurse and future registered nurse. In her current role as a student nurse, Miranda has continued to demonstrate the passion, dedication, and enthusiasm for patient care necessary to be considered a promising nursing professional in her chosen specialty.

Miranda is currently a student nurse at Aria Health School of Nursing in Trevose, Pennsylvania. Part of Aria Health, Aria Health School of Nursing continues to distinguish itself, building on its roots and history as Frankford Hospital School of Nursing – and poised now to grow across another hundred years of success in providing quality academics and preparation in the field of nursing. Aria Health is the largest healthcare provider in Northeast Philadelphia and Lower Bucks County with three leading-edge community hospitals and a strong network of outpatient centers and primary care physicians. Miranda presently does her clinical rotations at Aria Health Torresdale Campus. She just completed her first Medical Surgical rotation where she took care of one patient each week, providing care, administering medications and focusing on time management skills.

“I chose nursing because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of those who are ill or in need of help. Nursing is not just a career; to me nursing is a way of life. In order to be a nurse one must put their patients before their own and full-heartedly care for them and I have the intuition to do just that. I want to help those in need and provide the best care possible”, Miranda says. She additionally has research interests in anesthesia, enjoys volunteering and is expected to receive her RN-BSN degree in 2016. Miranda remains an active member of the National Student Nurses Association and is the recipient of the Bronze Congressional Award and the Silver Congressional Award. In her spare time, Miranda loves running, caving, reading, biking, hiking, and traveling. She volunteered at Abington Memorial Hospital to raise awareness for causes such as AIDs and diabetes. Currently, she is volunteering at M.A.N.N.A, which is a non for profit organization that prepares and packages food for individuals affected by illnesses such as cancer and HIV, allowing total nutritional benefits at no cost to the individual.

To find out more about Miranda Y. Cooper, please visit Also be sure to look out for her upcoming publication inWorldwide Leaders in Healthcare.

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