Georgette Y. Chammas, EdD, RN, Represents Tennessee with Entry into Renowned Publication Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare

The International Nurses Association has carefully selected Georgette Y. Chammas, EdD, RN, to represent nursing in their publication, Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare. Georgette Chammas’ selection is a significant representation of her passion and dedication for the field of nursing.  She is considered to be among the best with years in practice.

Georgette is a Registered Nurse Emeritus at the Memphis VA Medical Center with specialization in both pediatric and adult oncology as well as acute care and HIV/AIDS. An inspiring professional, Georgette is responsible for having established the Pediatric Hematology Oncology Nurses Association in Morocco as well as a Pediatric Oncology Chapter in Shanghai, China. She holds special interests in researching the promotion of health and wellness, quality of life issues and the clinical care of patients with HIV/AIDS and cancer.

Georgette served as a Clinical Instructor and Lecturer at the American University in Beirut, New York University and in other institutions in Shanghai, China, the Middle East and Morocco. She acquired her nursing degree from the American University School of Nursing and a Master’s Degree from Russell Sage College. Georgette is a Certified Public Health Nurse with membership in the Oncology Nursing Society. She is a former volunteer for Red Cross Dabrini Hospice and the Baptist Hospital.

To find out more about Georgette Chammas, please be sure to look out for her upcoming publication in Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare.

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